1. RaindropMelody's Avatar
    I was thinking of making some of my themes for other models BBs. But i don't know which ones.

    I'm QUITE new at themes, and have just opened a website for them, I'd love to expand to different models, and also add wallpapers to my site. But which models should i add in first?

    Looking at the number of threads, it looks like the 95xx ones are popular, but i'm not sure if it works like that.

    Although i can only test the 8900 and 9500. I would need someone to test the themes.

    If interested in one of my themes, check my site (its in my sig) and let me know, and i'll have a go at transferring it to another model. =]
    06-10-09 10:58 AM
  2. Username5300's Avatar
    The 950 is pretty popular!!!
    06-10-09 11:00 AM
  3. weldmonkey's Avatar
    Well I did some research to this question and I cant find much online however Verizon says in like 3 months of sales they sold 1 million 95xx Blackberrys. and thats only Verizon that doesnt cound Vodaphone or other cariers. So when it comes to more entertainment or personal style themes this is the way to go. There are some professionals that use this model but I wouldnt focus on them right away when developing themes...
    See the page:
    Verizon touts 1 million BlackBerry Storms sold to date

    Now this isnt to say that the 8900 or Curve is not a healty contender to make themes for since this is phone of choice for most buisness. I would reccomend making more professional, clean, easy to read themes for this model. However there are a lot of these out there not used for business but for personal use so most themes will do well here also.

    The Pearl Flip also seems to be comeing up into its own, but with such a small screen and lower resolution themes might not turn out that well on this model, so I would focus initial effors other places.

    And yes I do think the threads are a good place to place theme development off of..it gives you a bassis somewhat of what models people are looking for themes and apps for...

    Hope you find this info usefull...
    06-14-09 05:39 PM
  4. lennon08's Avatar
    i would have to say the curve all the way around
    06-14-09 05:54 PM
  5. maddmaxx308's Avatar
    Feel free to help popluate the 8220 and 8230 themes, there is a very small selection of them.
    06-16-09 11:41 AM
  6. D_Town_Tony's Avatar
    From my experience the Storm has been has been big, followed by the 8900, then 83xx and bold about even.
    06-17-09 07:07 PM