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    Hello Crackberry Community! BBThemesX themes have just finished our theme which will go on the app world for $1.99 soon. The name of the theme is Flow OS 7 Style. The theme is currently only for the Curve 8520 and we are proud to tell you that the first 10 people to follow @bbthemesx, and send me a PM or thread reply or an email @ admin@bbthemesx.com and tell me your Twitter in it will get this theme absolutely free! The theme will be in Desktop Manager format. Features are below:

    - OS 7 Icons
    - Animated Focus Icons
    - Slideout Panel
    - Today For Text Messages
    - OS 7 Backgrounds
    - Cool Battery Meters And More!

    The pictures below are actually in-development pictures. Sorry couldnt grab screenshots
    Attachment 92145
    So remember only 10 people will get this theme and also remember that it is only for 8520/8530. Thank you!
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    I am following @bbthemesx.... I sent an email anyway, but if you still wanna check, my twitter name is @SnErO_14. So yeah ........

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