1. mrtolles's Avatar
    Stick-R-Bot by Z2A ~Find this and Other Free Themes at BerryFreeThemes!
    6 Shaded Black Customizable Icons in a hidden Pop up Dock on Home Screen. Profiles, Calendar and Clock buttons on banner. Digital Battery Meter, Custom Signal for Mobile and Wifi! Pop up Missed Call and New Message indicators! Theme Studio 5.0 Transitions! (ok, so BlackBerry dropped the ball on this one, 4.6.1 Devices do not support Transitions? Devices 4.7.1 and higher do. Sorry 4.6.1 8900 Users. ) All Blacked Out just for you! Well for those of you that don't LOVE the Pink!

    (yes, TransFormers Season 1 Did Arrive! )

    8900 4.6.1 OTA
    8900 5.0 OTA

    9630 4.7.1 OTA
    9630 5.0 OTA

    9700 5.0 OTA
    11-13-09 12:31 PM
  2. ruhrohs's Avatar
    I see NO one has given you feedback on this AWESOME FREE theme. Wow. I can tell you put a lot of work in to this one because the file size is HUGE!

    The transitions are sick and the graphics are slick. This could easily be a premium theme but it isn't.

    The only feedback that I have is that the font color is hard to read with some of the light backgrounds, i.e. BB Messenger, theme selector, application properties screen.

    One last thing...THANK YOU for sharing.
    11-18-09 10:20 PM
  3. nonongbanget's Avatar
    EXCELLENT! Thank you~
    04-04-10 06:22 PM