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    I downloaded some themes last night from the Tour theme forum and since it was late, after downloading, I turned off the phone, pulled the battery out, put back in and figured I'd power it up again this morning.

    Well I went to turn it on just now and it will not turn on. It was fully charged last night so that shouldn't be an issue. I plugged in the charger and the red LED light flashed so there's something there but it still won't turn on.

    Did I do something wrong? Is there something wrong with one of the theme downloads? They are ones that have gotten lots of good replies from the members here on the theme forum. Did I brick the phone? God I hope not. Thanks to all who can help!!!
    03-03-10 06:43 AM
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    Nevermind, I tried leaving the battery out for 15 minutes and it started up! Yay!
    03-03-10 07:07 AM