09-02-08 01:26 PM
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  1. NancyDrew's Avatar
    since you are one of the best theme developers I've come across which is your favorite? I have a bunch of your themes as my favs!
    Thanks! My all time fave is HeLovesMeBerryMuch. I love icon themes and it matches with my pink bb.
    07-09-08 05:50 PM
  2. cjharley's Avatar
    In the beginning I used the Demension Zen and changed walls a lot. Then I found the iBerry and used that one for a while, but when I wanted to change my wall I switched back to Zen. (iBerry only looks good with the black background IMO) Chaz was rocking this cool theme where are the icons are invisible called Infrared Blank Zen which I installed, but after awhile not seeing the icons gets annoying. Just today I installed Surreal.

    I change my themes about every 10 days or so. And I'm always on the look out for a good wall.
    07-09-08 05:53 PM
  3. xoxMiss CEOxox's Avatar
    I love themes, just got into developing my own. I change a few times a week.

    Thanks! My all time fave is HeLovesMeBerryMuch. I love icon themes and it matches with my pink bb.
    Love that theme! One of my favorites too! Wish I had it in Today style. Great work!
    07-12-08 04:00 PM
  4. MsT2U's Avatar
    I change themes once or twice a week, skins depending on what I'm wearing and as for wallpapers I have changed them a few times in one day, lol.
    07-12-08 05:16 PM
  5. GregMargie's Avatar
    I like the verizon theme, but changed the background color. I find when I change the theme, I have to figure out what each icon is again.

    Although.....It is fun to change sometimes and have what looks like a totally new screen.
    07-12-08 06:03 PM
  6. ashleycurtis's Avatar
    I used to change my themes every week...
    07-19-08 02:19 AM
  7. TampaDude's Avatar
    I just got the 9berry and BoldBerry Icon themes...I like the 9berry for the transparent icons, but I like the BoldBerry because it has more colors. I may just switch back and forth.
    07-19-08 06:41 PM
  8. 49ways's Avatar
    I never change themes. Had the Sprint Default ever since I got the phone.

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    07-19-08 06:45 PM
  9. missnina03's Avatar
    I changed my themes just about every other day.
    07-19-08 07:14 PM
  10. JaguarXJ7's Avatar
    Yup ..... almost as often as I change my .......... um ..... never mind. Yes I change themes quite frequently.
    07-19-08 10:33 PM
  11. miss_michelle's Avatar
    I have tried a couple of the custom themes and the problem I've found is that I can't change what apps are on the homepage - they are set to certain apps within the theme (maybe this is just the themes I've tried). I have my apps in a certain order and have gotten so used to them the way they are that I just can't change themes. Since I upgraded to 4.5 and go the L theme I haven't changed!
    07-19-08 10:51 PM
  12. p1nklady's Avatar
    I change themes to match the skin am using wihich is like every week!

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    07-20-08 07:14 AM
  13. Bodyart's Avatar
    I change pretty often

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    07-20-08 08:04 PM
  14. jidx's Avatar
    I change about once a month
    07-20-08 08:19 PM
  15. GlamSwagger's Avatar
    yep about once a week, i usually just rotate the ones i have lol
    07-20-08 08:20 PM
  16. saechavarry's Avatar
    I change my theme once a week, im using the iberry theme right now. I also like the corkberry theme.
    07-20-08 08:42 PM
  17. ma077146's Avatar
    When I got my phone, I deleted all themes except the Dimension theme, and I only kept that because it contains a lot of the graphics goodies used by the OS.

    Now wallpapers, I change those frequently (probably also why I don't notice the theme much).
    07-20-08 09:46 PM
  18. artie's Avatar
    I've tried a few but return to BB Dimension Today because I like to have control of my Fonts. I do change the Wallpaper though. I do change the skins to match the wallpaper.
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    07-21-08 01:40 AM
  19. Kronk's Avatar
    Now that I'm creating my own themes and themes for others, I change quite often for testing purposes.
    07-21-08 01:48 AM
  20. Nitro212's Avatar
    I don't change my theme often I use the L theme just change the background often tho.

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    07-21-08 01:50 AM
  21. Kronk's Avatar
    The L is still my favorite. I just wish we could import it into Plazmic to customize it...
    07-21-08 01:54 AM
  22. RedNightHawk's Avatar
    The Pearl is my first Blackberry and I got it used. The person who had it before me apparently never changed the theme or the wallpaper since there's some burn in on the screen from the base theme they used.

    I have 2 themes I like enough to use the majority of the time (and switch regularly to prevent further damage to the screen), and then I try out themes every week or two to see if there's any new ones I'd like to add to the mix.

    Unfortunately, many themes look nice, but aren't always useable (don't display dates properly, are set up so you can't change wallpapers without it looking horrible, are a pain to navigate in, etc.).

    Once the icons are arranged for each theme, I lose the order in any new theme I try, but when I go back to the old theme the icons are still in order. I only bother arranging the icons when there's a good chance I'll be keeping the theme.

    It does bug me that the font is never remembered since I rarely like the base font the themes come with.
    07-21-08 04:23 AM
  23. BeeBee's Avatar
    I tried the BB dimension today theme yesterday. I liked it, until I started seeing the error message Uncaught Exception:java.lang.nullpoint exection.
    In the end, I had to re-install the OS. So for now, I am a bit hesitant to try other themes.
    07-23-08 02:36 PM
  24. agirl65's Avatar
    Yes! I'm crazy about themes and change them often. Several times a day sometimes!
    07-23-08 02:43 PM
  25. _Diimplez_'s Avatar
    I change my themes everyday and usully they match my wardrobe and purse... I am so sad... lol
    !!!Sweet!!! I do the same thing... I usually make the theme and the hard shell case that my phone is in match!
    07-23-08 03:19 PM
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