1. Jellyroll's Avatar
    Hi all...

    I am just digging into my new 8320 on T-Mobile...a convert from the Windows Mobile world and boy am I glad so far.

    I did a search and didn't find the answer to this, so here goes....

    I am going to experiment with changing wallpapers. If I select a "stock" BB Dimension theme and swap out the wallpaper, how would I restore the stock Dimension wallpaper if I decide I don't like the new one? I looked in Media/Pictures/Preloaded Pictures and didn't find the Dimension picture, which would seem to allow me to re-select it as my wallpaper.

    Thanks in advance...what a great device this is, and this is a great forum for info.
    08-16-08 08:58 PM
  2. reckoner's Avatar
    Hi! If you don't like your wallpaper then you can change it back to default by just going to media, pictures, highlight any picture, click the menu key, and select "reset home screen image."
    08-16-08 09:00 PM
  3. Jellyroll's Avatar
    Wow...quick response. Thanks - worked like a charm!

    08-16-08 09:50 PM