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    I keep getting the problem (when loading a custom font) that when it compiles the theme it pust a black background around the text, is there an option I am missing or something I have to do?

    I have anti-aliasing turned on and bold turned on... At first I was getting issues saying that the font file was too big (so I decreased the font size) and the error went away, but now I get black backgrounds around all the text, any ideas?

    ***Edit*** Could it be possible that because I am running the Os that the theme file being created isn't compatible? I know my other themes the banners don't display correctly on my apps screen, they only display correctly on my Home screen.

    ***Observation*** When I turn off anti-aliasing the black background goes away... but the font looks like well you know, any Ideas?
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    Aww common I pretend I do, but I don't know everything :P
    06-11-08 01:58 AM