1. fcp_147's Avatar
    so I used the Plazmic theme creator software and I finally got completed the theme. I have exported the theme as a "jad" because I want to do an OTA but I don't know how to do it. Can someone please help? I have created my theme, exported it, now what?
    08-21-08 11:31 PM
  2. trimax84's Avatar
    with the jad you have to upload all of the files into the same folder on a server, then provide us with the link to the jad file. So if you have your own webhost, ftp the files to your site (if you don't have one, there are a few people on here who can host your files for free)
    08-21-08 11:50 PM
  3. fcp_147's Avatar
    Is there anyone who can host it for me? if not what is my other option?
    08-22-08 12:47 AM