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    I am trying to get the installer for the CrackBerry LiveScreen, 2.0 version from DreamTheme that was given away on Crackberry's 2nd birthday for the Bold. Anyone? Anyone?
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    04-15-09 01:01 PM
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    i got mine yesterday, deep2.

    first, the buying process was not impressive, to say the least. i was really excited at first, but now i am experiencing some ambivalence over the product. i got an email from blackberry.com saying that they have a free beta (fully functional, except that it cannot be customized).

    from my curvalcious berry, i tried the link for beta from blackberry.com --> DID NOT WORK. i went to the website, no beta links. disappointing.

    i tried it also from my computer to see if it was just the mobile version of the site. nope, handango and dreamtheme were having issues.

    i decided to purchase it (from my computer) and applied the 30% off code (DREAM30) --> the discount code DID NOT WORK. nonetheless, i really wanted to try this product so i paid for the full price, $9.99.

    i ended up calling handango's tech support to let them know of the hassle i went through just to get their product. they gave me a refund for the 30% discount.

    also, after purchasing the product, i could not find a way to OTA install, and had to ask handango's support to email me the ota link.

    i have to give it to handango, the support was rather quick, despite my frustration and hassle.

    after everything is said and done, i now have the app installed on my bb curve 8330 with v4.5. i was excited and consumed.

    they have a notice that the app is very memory intensive... and alas, they did not lie. i have over 40 million bytes, after install and my bb is constantly resetting, which is annoying. it, also, takes, longer for it to restart.

    customization takes a while getting used to... (i'm still trying to figure out how to change my background) and the instructions provided, in my opinion, are not very accurate and not much help. the ringtones, again IMHO, are not much to be excited about.

    overall, i would recommend this to someone who needs a little excitement with their bb (like i do) and with some experience on the bb. i don't think it was worth the fuss, nor do i think it was worth the $9.99. maybe $6.99 after discount price...

    with that said, the graphics are cool
    04-24-09 09:13 AM
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    Here it is - I'll take a chance on posting it because it was free...
    CB LiveScreen
    04-25-09 06:53 PM