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    So i have a website and hosting through godaddy.com. The site I have doesn't get very much traffic so I've been using it to host a few Storm themes that I've made. I've been seeing lots of threads on here about where to host themes and I was thinking I might offer some of my webspace up for theme hosting.

    Before I set this up I just want to see if enough people would be interested to make it worth it.

    I was thinking about charging just 1.00 per theme. Just a one time fee, no monthly fee or anything like that.

    Just as a quick disclaimer, I offer no guarantee that the service will be up. The hosting is godaddy, so as long as godaddy is up the themes will be there. I own the domain for at least another year and have no plans of discontinuing the service before then so your themes will be up for at least a year (if not longer).

    If you would be interested in this let me know and I'll get it set up.
    09-07-09 09:07 AM