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    I just bought a Theme from eVeek and it told me it sent the Theme in an email, but I haven't gotten it (it's been about 15 minutes). What could have happened? Thanks

    05-25-08 03:27 PM
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    Maybe you gave an incorrect email address.
    05-25-08 03:46 PM
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    Actually, I just found it on my Desktop....but now I have to figure out about alx or whatever, because it says it couldn't find anything on the Web to open it....

    HELP: Neon.alx is sitting on my desktop. It's stored in Docs and Settings. It tells me Windows can't open it. I went to Desktop Manager and pushed "Add". It asks what the name of the file is. I put in the whole extended file name. Now it says there's an XML syntax Error. I also 'browsed' for something to open it with and there's nothing that looks right. I'm sure Guitar Pro won't do it. What do I do now, I'm desparate? Thanks

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    05-25-08 03:55 PM
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    05-25-08 06:22 PM
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    It got downloaded and finally done. In about 4 steps. I'm going to post directions. It's not as complicated as the answers make it seem.

    05-25-08 10:00 PM