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    i am a new bb owner and have been browsing themes and have found a few that i like but i would like to give making my own a try... i have seen the links for the downloads i need here but i cannot seem to find them now any help would be greatly appreciated... if i can actually get it to work i will post them here for comments and downloads....

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    Plazmic this is where the theme creator softeware is. What OS are you running on your phone? If you are running anything other than 4.5 you will need to change some things to get the themes to work on your phone. I'll find that link and post it up too.
    08-21-08 04:30 PM
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    Here you go, this is how to modify Plazmic to work with other OS's. http://forums.crackberry.com/f16/mod...4-2-2-a-54023/
    08-21-08 04:40 PM
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    i am running 4.3 i was going to update to newer but a friend of mine said there are too many bugs
    thanks for the help
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