1. Diamond Dog's Avatar
    A cool moving jelly fish or this cool Koi animation.

    i am using Onxia theme by Vince the Price and would love to have the jellyfish and/or Koi moving in the background. Maybe the jellyfish on the 1st menu and the koi on the expanded menu screen

    I have the software to edit size of these animated GIFS BTW. Just dont know how to incorporate into a theme.

    I attached links for you to download to see them so you can check them out.

    If you theme makers make something with this, will you let me know?

    jelly fish:

    Jellyfish Blackberry.gif

    These Koi would be cool too

    Animation - KOI - Animated sequence of 21 images photo - Alexander Antonyuk photos at pbase.com

    On a side note, I wanted to thank Vince The Prince for his awesome Oynxia theme. Its simply perfect.
    02-11-10 12:40 PM
  2. izzyncade's Avatar
    second that
    02-12-10 12:23 PM