1. Biggerbeef's Avatar
    I have been having a problem with my 8900 since 5.0 came available. It seems if i go for a theme that gets too far away from a RIM style layout i get "Uncaught exception: Java.lang.illegalargumentexception" if i try and launch the browser. The only workaround i have found is changing the defaut page from "start page" to home page. Ive been unable to find any solutions to this anywhere. Anyone here ever had this?
    10-04-10 04:37 PM
  2. vaughn71's Avatar
    I've had the same problem for months on my 9700. I can't use any 3rd party themes or I get the warning everytime I launch the browser. I can only use the Rogers themes. Even better I now get Uncaught Exception:Java.lang.error everytime I do a battery pull.
    10-06-10 10:52 AM