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    Was looking at their College Themes and noticed something:

    I see that at the bottom of each of these themes it states that they are "officially lisensed by College Lisencing Company (or something like that)... Is this true?

    Also noticed that many of the themes that use what appear to be copyrighted images say that they are used with permission.. Hmmm got permission from each NFL team? Disney?

    Wonder how using these images in a product that is offered for sale infringes on these respective copyrights? or does a certain amount of each sale go towards the lisencing fee for these copyrighted images..

    I'm asking because I saw on some web page about posting College themes that you couldn't post a theme if it was on some list or was copyright protected... I've always wondered about using copyrighted images in themse that are for sale...
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    08-28-09 03:01 PM
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    I know folks that work at Bplay and they for sure have licenses with colleges, NFL, Disney and others on their site. They pay royalties, yes, on the sale of those products back to the licensors. No way a company like Bplay/Magmic would take the chance of publishing non-licensed products.

    Any theme published without a licensing agreement would constitute trademark infringement. Yes, there's a lot out there, and some licensors are more vigilant about protecting their marks than others.
    09-04-09 05:37 PM
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    And for NCAA Institutions, a portion of the licensing fee for each licensed product goes back to the institution. Universities are very protective of their copyrights.

    And of course, Disney is famous for being extremely protective of their intellectual property.
    09-04-09 05:40 PM