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    I was wondering if anyone had purchased the Reflex Today Plus theme (or 2.0)... Bplay unfortunately doesn't provide a good gallery of theme screenshots, so I was just wondering if the only changes the theme provides are what's seen in the shots, or does the messages page (for example) look different than it does with a standard RIM theme?

    Sorry if that was confusing, but hopefully you understand what I meant
    11-02-08 05:14 PM
  2. ganns1980's Avatar
    I know what you mean . I've got one of them (I don't remember which version it is, it's the purplish one) and the screens (messages, options) are the same except for the color scheme. The colors are blue and purple. If I get time at a pc tomorrow I'll take some screenshots if nobody beats me to it.

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    11-02-08 10:12 PM