1. John Yester's Avatar
    Hey all,

    First off I want to thank all of you who have made and kept up with request of some cool Bold themes, for all models. You all have extreme talent and I hope you realize that.

    Now After downloading and using multiple Bold inspired and newer Bold version themes. I am wondering one thing. Everyone said these are the stock bold Icons.... Are they?

    Don't they seem smaller then the Bolds screen or even the Jav screen. I know the screen are a bit wider, but the icons should still fit on the Curve screen right?

    I guess what I am wondering is can these icons be made bigger or would it not look good on the Curve screen.....

    Again Awesome work to all of you and I want to personally thank each one of you for your work and time. So also take this thread as a Thank you letter as well.
    10-01-08 08:41 AM
  2. AClayeJ's Avatar
    Yes, most of the icons used in those themes are the ones from the Bold. They actually come with Plamiz 4.6 just like the stock icons come with 4.5 builder. You can find them here in my thread:


    Most or all of them had to be resized for use on the Curve or Pearl I'm sure.
    10-01-08 10:04 AM
  3. jenaywins's Avatar
    Hmm. I have pink Bold icons for my current theme, and they fit my 8330 just fine.....
    10-01-08 10:15 AM
  4. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    I have a couple Custom Bold themes from Mothy and they fit and look great...
    10-01-08 10:17 AM
  5. John Yester's Avatar
    Yeah I think it a resizing problem...

    I mean the Bold has 6 across, and so does the curve editions I have seen, but is it cause they were to wide? Why would they curve ones be smaller to fit on the screen. because it's less wider? Would 5 across work and look better with the larger edition icons.

    Maybe it's just me the more and more I see the Jav and bold they just seem better looking and less microscopic then on the curves screen......
    10-01-08 10:21 AM
  6. TStan47's Avatar
    Another thing to point out, different style themes have different sized default icons, you have to size them based on the default size or they get distorted. Such as, the default icon size for an 81xx Pearl Zen Theme is 48 x 36 pixels, if you inserted an icon that is larger or smaller, the program would re-size them to fit the dimensions of the default icon.
    10-01-08 11:16 AM
  7. John Yester's Avatar
    So no matter what type of theme someone were to use, if they added the large Bold icons, it would be still the same size? bummer
    10-01-08 12:18 PM
  8. AClayeJ's Avatar
    So no matter what type of theme someone were to use, if they added the large Bold icons, it would be still the same size? bummer
    Yes, like said the Pearl's zen uses 48 x 36 pixels and I think the Curve's is a little bit bigger, but not much. Can't remember exactly what size it uses.
    10-01-08 12:37 PM
  9. artisticme's Avatar
    Adding to Tim's reply, the icons used in Bold devices are sized 80x80 pixels and for the Pearl Flip they are 46x46 pixels. Meanwhile, in all Zen/Today/Custom themes for 320x240 and 240x260 devices the icons are sized 48x36 pixels.

    Given all that, those who have made the Bold-esque themes for Curves, Pearls, etc. using the actual Precision icon set have to (correctly) resize those 80x80 icons to 48x36 or else the icons would be greatly distorted.
    10-01-08 12:39 PM
  10. John Yester's Avatar
    Ahh I see. Oh well it was worth a shot asking, still awesome work to all you guys and gals. I greatly appreciate it.
    10-01-08 12:54 PM
  11. AClayeJ's Avatar
    Looks like we were wrong. This guy has made a big icon theme here:

    Large Icons Custom Theme! 83XX OS 4.2/4.3/4.5 - PinStack.com Forums

    Really big icons too. Even bigger than the Bold ones. He made it using Plazmic 4.6 though.
    10-06-08 08:18 AM
  12. steveninstl's Avatar
    thats because thats an animated theme. and not a typical icon
    10-06-08 09:11 PM
  13. AClayeJ's Avatar
    Either way, it's still cool and original. He's doing some awesome work with 4.6 builder. Esp, in the animation department.
    10-07-08 09:03 AM
  14. AClayeJ's Avatar
    Here's another that's similar to Bplay's Flowberry:

    83XX Mac Stack Experimental OS 4.2/4.3/4.5 - PinStack.com Forums
    10-07-08 09:17 AM