08-12-11 05:32 AM
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  1. n8dhw's Avatar
    Disregard by previous post. I just used my BB's browser and was able to download OTA. Sorry for the previous post. Should have tried it that way before posting.
    05-24-08 08:37 PM
  2. lfarmer's Avatar
    How can I download this OTA? I click on your link and see the link you posted in the other forum but it wants to download to my computer? Help please I would like to get this theme but just can't figure out the OTA.
    The OTA link means you must download to your Blackberry Over The Air using your phones browser. Either go to Crackberry.com and follow the link or go to themes4bb.com and go to the theme downlaod section-8100 using your phones browser. You will find it there.

    Good Luck!
    05-24-08 08:39 PM
  3. elmenso's Avatar
    Is there Any way i can get it for my blackberry 9300 curve 3g
    08-12-11 05:32 AM
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