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  1. luciferseamus's Avatar
    hello all this theme is something I made for a friend who is super busy.
    no point in posting a screenshot as the main screen will look exactly like the image you choose for it.
    no icons very little clutter.
    check it out.
    09-09-08 02:50 AM
  2. ronnie51's Avatar
    What are we to check if there is no link or anything here?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    09-09-08 03:31 PM
  3. luciferseamus's Avatar
    sorry I don't have OTA right now
    check out the thread from the computer and the link will be there.
    09-11-08 10:16 AM
  4. bmcclure937's Avatar
    It might be a good idea to post screen shots... so people know what they are downloading onto their device
    09-11-08 10:24 AM
  5. luciferseamus's Avatar
    yes I can understand that.

    but like I said, this homes creen will be completely clear, so whatever image you decide to put up there is what the home screen will look like. everything is minimalistic in this theme.
    09-12-08 10:38 AM
  6. ClassaN0va's Avatar
    So what makes it an Ultra Zen?

    Sounds like just another black homescreen theme
    09-12-08 11:17 AM
  7. Garz's Avatar
    I do not download themes unless I can see a screen shot first.
    09-12-08 11:18 AM
  8. updater's Avatar

    at least message viewer font shouldn't be so... Bold?

    So I'd say no.
    09-12-08 11:55 AM
  9. ClassaN0va's Avatar
    constructive criticism:

    -post photos of it.. dont be ashamed.
    -work a tad bit harder
    09-12-08 12:20 PM