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    BlackBerry 8310 OS

    Theme experts please help. Some of the operational items I'm looking for may just not be possible I don't know. So I could use your help to find solution and better understand what items can not be accomplished.

    Recently I was forced by my employer to move from my beloved BB 8700, to the new and 'Improved' BB 8310 curve on AT&T's network system.

    For me, the user interface (Theme capability that I've been able to find) has moved my everyday BlackBerry experience twenty steps backwards and I am in a pickle unless either I can find or have created a better theme for my new BlackBerry 8310.

    Items ending with a (*) are very important to me....

    Signal Strength: Network not WiFi

    1. Must be visible in DBm (Numbers i.e. -104, -86 etc, The 'ALT NMLL' BB switch) *
    2. Ability to change size ?
    3. Ability to change color?
    4. Not cut off in the display *
    5. Nice if it could be overlaid (masked) on top of other applications? Not so sure if this could be done?
    6. Ability to switch between a really good graphical representation and numeric signal RSSI, I really like Dan Black's tachometer approach in his Dash board theme if one can view the levels? It might work well for Boats & Motorcycles type of wall paper to!

    Quick APP Select List: Easily jumping between 2 to 3 applications for copy paste and review is really important...

    1. Ability to call up via hotkey *
    2. Must be manageable by user *
    3. Select order of apps *
    4. Select which apps will be included in list *
    5. Ability to jump between Quick list and running Apps *

    Today Style of Home Page with Zen: (Not sure if I'm using the proper terms here?)

    1. Ability to add or remove items i.e. remove Call Log (I do not use the BB for any phone serve only data - That may change at some point
    2. Ability to have a clean Home page with just banner if desired where Messages listing only appears when new ones exist Calendar only appear based on notification parameters


    1. Can coexist with light or dark wall paper selections ?
    2. Time expressed in 12 or 24 hr formats following user setup
    3. Battery graphical or percentage selected by user?

    What I have tried without much success:

    iLike Today theme was one of the themes that I could actually SEE the Signal strength nicely under the BB 8310 - The theme developer set the Signal Level numerically just left of center within the Banner and this allowed me to adjust the font size, plus the font color overlaid the banner well. Where the theme failed me was in not allowing me to organize within a quick selection list the applications that I need to bounce between as well as no ability to eliminate apps from the list that I will never call up. The next failure occurred when I tried to use some of my darker wall papers, I could no longer see the RSSI (signal strength)

    10+ other themes Tried - No Go

    BB Dimension Today Plus is the one I am currently using - Signal Strength slightly cut off at the bottom when using the smallest font (7) which creates problems for me across all other applications (I see what you were referring to about font size, looks like I control that via the keyboard/screen set globally)- Allows me to select the Top line 5 applications in a quick list that pops up from the Today screen on the right column but still does not allow me to 'Hotkey to the abbreviated application list like the BBToday theme did under the BB 8700- while this is not perfect it brings me a little closer to being able to cope with the new environment.

    Thanks for any direction / help with the above Tnx Ren
    08-30-08 10:23 AM