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    Theme Devs,

    I know some of you do this, but I've noticed that many of you don't and, frankly, I'm sure this little detail will increase your sales.

    Please post a screenshot of the Messages application (especially for Premium themes). It's important for some customers to know that the fonts in the Messages application aren't bulky and unattractive before purchasing your theme.

    There have been several themes that I have not been able to purchase due to this minor (yet important) detail.

    Some themes (e.g., Excite OS6) have a horrendous appearance in the Messages application and this deems the theme unusable for me as I'm always using this application (I'm sure this is true for many as well).

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    I could not agree more with this I have personally bought a few premium themes and because of the font issue deleated them straight away after I have just paid for them why can't theme makers make fonts smaller or leave them customisable to the user I hate those big ugly fonts please post the screenshots as it would make life so much more easier thx!
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