1. djtrype's Avatar
    For those of you who have been making themes for a while, I love the work you do and wish one day I can get to that stature.

    However, I have some questions for making my first theme. I downloaded Plazmic Theme Builder and wanted to just see what it takes to make a theme and so far have gotten the gist of the program, but a few things are unclear. I would love to know how you get the different icons you use on your themes. Do you design them yourself and if so what program(s) do you use or do you search for them and resize them to fit with the other icons? Also are your backgrounds custom-made or do you obtain those as well?

    So far these are the only things I'm really needing help with. I appreciate any feedback that may be offered. Thanks.

    05-03-08 10:51 PM
  2. IamGOV's Avatar
    Icons are all over the place...Usually you can just google them. The really good icons are pretty well protected because the creator wants to make some money as well they should. You can use anything from photoshop to iconfx to create your favorite image into an icon. It takes a little more than resizing. There is shadowing and highlighting, fading and distortion. It takes a really long time and a lot of patience to create a theme from scratch. Until crackberrythemes.com gets up and running themes4bb.com is a good place to look around.
    05-09-08 10:24 PM
  3. cindylov4's Avatar
    Google Icons, use GIMP to resize them or color them, use GIMP to modify the wallpaper. I also use Irfanview.
    05-09-08 11:19 PM
  4. AnOffDutyNinja's Avatar
    Wow, I stumbled upon this, thanks I was interested in making my own also.
    05-12-08 03:32 AM