02-13-08 10:28 AM
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  1. chinesecatt's Avatar
    We've seen a lot of different themes. Some with great icons, some crappy, some unique, some funny? Well, not this one. This to me is one of the best themes I have ever installed so far. Mac users, might not be happy co'z of this Windows look? Ohh wellll...

    11-25-07 09:16 PM
  2. chinesecatt's Avatar

    The top screen shot is your locked screen (if you have it on password protect). Was wondering if you can actually change the photo in that small picture icon.

    Pretty neat and pretty cool. You can download (sorry it isn't free) here >>BBeXtras - BlackBerry Themes & Wallpapers
    11-25-07 09:20 PM
  3. berrywhite's Avatar
    Cat- That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where'd u get it?!?!?
    11-25-07 09:21 PM
  4. chinesecatt's Avatar
    If I have to tell you BW, then I will have to kill you jk
    11-25-07 09:36 PM
  5. epiguards's Avatar
    I love that theme, Good evening by the way to all and Happy Thanksgiving, I am going to purchase that theme, thanks Catt
    11-25-07 10:09 PM
  6. dlnmorrow's Avatar
    Now that theme is tight!!!
    WOW!!! I've been making some themes and I really like that layout design!!!
    11-25-07 10:31 PM
  7. chinesecatt's Avatar
    One thing that is so cool with this theme too, the small speaker icon (on the homescreen, first photo) when highlighted works as your Profile function. I was able to assign my left side button to something else.
    11-26-07 07:49 AM
  8. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Grrrr, what program/version of plazmic is this guy using!?
    11-26-07 08:21 AM
  9. danny595's Avatar
    I was just online this morning looking for themes. That one looks tight thanks for posting it.
    11-26-07 09:07 AM
  10. kasperapd's Avatar
    I've been using this for a whole day now and I must say that I really like it!

    Very different from any other theme I have used, and it has the WiFi/UMA indicators! All is good
    11-26-07 09:24 PM
  11. aprylgem's Avatar
    OK, I am really feelin' that theme. It is fire!
    11-26-07 09:33 PM
  12. steveninstl's Avatar
    sorry to release the site..but..this theme needs its props!

    the author of the theme is Peter_Mac from BlackBerryForums.com and his site is BBeXtras - BlackBerry Themes & Wallpapers

    He uses a modified version of Themebuilder. If you are a tight programmer..then you can do things like he has done. My hat is off to him.
    11-26-07 09:53 PM
  13. CMEC's Avatar
    I just bought this theme, and I have to say it is very nice. I am glad that UMA shows up.
    11-26-07 11:30 PM
  14. Bla1ze's Avatar
    it's nice (I really dig the "cleanliness" of the icon screen and the icons are hot) but I can never justify buying themes, chances are i'd use it for 2 days then go back to my ol' faithful TIM ZEN..(wonder if peter will trade for some free advertising on my site lol)..I need a JiveTalk license more......anyone wanna buy me one?...lol :P
    Last edited by Bla1ze; 11-27-07 at 03:01 AM.
    11-27-07 02:52 AM
  15. FReQ Z's Avatar
    just waiting for my payment to clear.
    11-27-07 02:21 PM
  16. gmhxv2's Avatar
    thanks cat i have been looking for something to jazz up my curve .
    12-06-07 03:50 AM
  17. BigB's Avatar
    Is there a demo available for this theme?

    I feel like I need to spend a day or 2 with a theme before I decide if it's right for me.
    12-06-07 07:43 PM
  18. damnvegetarian's Avatar
    Even though windows causes me nightmares I must say this is a really nice theme.
    12-06-07 07:49 PM
  19. gr8 choice's Avatar
    that was the best theme!!!!
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    12-10-07 07:58 PM
  20. peoples_flip's Avatar
    Does anybody have this theme? The website no longer hosts themes and I really want this... anybody wanna share an OTA link?
    01-19-08 11:56 PM
  21. steveninstl's Avatar
    OTA links are down too...
    01-20-08 07:59 PM
  22. King21's Avatar
    Does anyone know if this applies to all 8830s? I think mine's okay but then again I use a lot of custom made ringtones in which I amplify the volume in wavpad.
    01-20-08 08:34 PM
  23. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Haha, I wonder if Plazmic cracked down on all these sites hosting themes created using inside knowledge? Hummm.
    01-21-08 11:00 AM
  24. MiniBB's Avatar
    That's so weird - wonder why his themes aren't available anymore?
    Maybe RIM bought the rights to his work and will release them to everyone. (wishful thinking!)

    I've been using Aero since just before Christmas and it is by far my favorite.
    01-21-08 12:56 PM
  25. Joe4pal's Avatar
    So anyone gonna rerelease through a PM maybe? That theme looks completely awesome, I'd be willing to pay the original author even.
    01-21-08 09:46 PM
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