1. NoAhB0Dy's Avatar
    Ok so I got burned by one of these Adorno themes (Cross i7) for my Bold 9900. I am pretty pissed, not because of $4, but because of all the $4 they get for ripping people off with bogus themes. I purchase this theme and get "Elegant i7" instead which is totally not compatible with my device.
    2nd, do a theme search for top rated and the entire list of top rated themes are all for Adorno themes with 5 star ratings.
    How do they get away with this?
    Who do we talk to to get this fixed?

    This really sucks for legit theme vendors because people are getting sucked into buying things that they expect to be legit because they assume they're buying from a controlled environment and they're missing out on the business.

    11-07-12 08:48 PM
  2. lifeofchaoss's Avatar
    This has been mentioned a few times.....many users have had the same issue including myself, yet they continue to allow it to happen....I wonder if RIM just doesn't care because they are getting a percentage also....just a thought.....throw in pixel dreams also.....no one will receive a refund but maybe they will stop the nonsense.....
    11-07-12 10:13 PM
  3. NoAhB0Dy's Avatar
    Thing is, "RIM ecommerce" gets the money if you pay with paypal. Being that the vendor's domain is lapsed, where is RIM sending the payment?

    Also, how the do they get away with the ratings fixing? I posted my own review which had negative comments and guess what....it's gone now! I can't see it in app world or even on web version. How does that work?

    I call bull!
    11-07-12 11:02 PM
  4. Berry_Pink's Avatar
    i think the majority of reviews for Adorno are coming from the older OS's which the themes work properly on and probably from some fake reviews too, i nearly got burned by them too with the panoram theme
    11-08-12 11:15 AM
  5. NoAhB0Dy's Avatar
    No way...this is just a scam. They know they can get away with it because paypal has no recourse for intangible items. If you post a negative review, it gets removed from the list and you can't re-revieiw it. This is a load of BS. PayPal gave me my money back but only because they were being nice. I told them I didn't care about the stupid $4.19 because it is the principle. People are getting ripped off and there is no recourse. RIM does not respond to emails and the there is no way to contact the vendor.

    Man I'm pissed about this. Fact that people are getting ripped off and there's nothing that can be done just makes me angry.
    11-22-12 09:07 AM
  6. NoAhB0Dy's Avatar
    Well it seems my venting on twitter got me a bit further. @BlackBerryHelp finally decided to reply and gave me the address to their "Exception Case Support" form. For those that want it, here it is: https://www.blackberry.com/technical....do?ft=generic (seems a little secretive if you ask me!)

    Anyway, filled out the form and got not 1 but 2 replies to 2 of my email addresses (not sure how they got the 2nd) indicating that they would refund and investigate.

    I created a long winded reply indicating that it was not the money (and told them paypal cleaned up their - RIM's - mess) but the fact that I feel scammed and that it was so difficult to find a support channel for this stuff.

    Hopefully others will get some value out of this post.
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    11-22-12 06:29 PM
  7. marthin4you's Avatar
    adorno has me fooled also.. and I can not contact them. I find this very cruel of them.
    02-05-13 05:13 AM
  8. TheGonka95's Avatar
    Got suckered today! Is there anyway we can post a warning somewhere to let others know? I've never had this issue with Android or Windows! RIM needs to get their butts in gear on this end or they will lose out! So Angry!

    Requested a refund.
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    02-16-13 08:30 PM
  9. vlittle13's Avatar
    I so agree with everyone here. My second rip off from these people. Who the heck is support@onlybestberry.com that continues to kick back e-mails.
    04-06-13 02:14 PM
  10. vlittle13's Avatar
    I just completed this and hope something happens. Thanks for the info
    04-06-13 02:20 PM
  11. Laniadoje's Avatar
    The inaccurate descriptions of these themes is such a scam!
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    04-07-13 12:07 AM
  12. NoAhB0Dy's Avatar
    The inaccurate descriptions of these themes is such a scam!
    No kidding...and funny how all the reviews are 5 stars and one-word-worship!
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    04-07-13 05:43 PM
  13. vlittle13's Avatar
    Well I have been in contact with RIM to see why they won't remove this vendor from AppWorld with all the complaints and the inability to reach the vendor via their support e-mail. I was told to contact the vendor and no answer to my question about removing the vendor. Isn't it funny that you can't reach Adorno direct?
    04-10-13 06:20 AM

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