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    I purchased a theme from Adorno three weeks ago and it's been a nightmare every since dealing with them. I find their customer/technical support completely useless and frustrating. I've been getting nothing but the runaround since the theme was purchase. I had to make this thread to see if there are others out there who have purchased an Adorno theme and have had frustrations when dealing with their customer/technical support. I know of one other person, but wanted to see if we were the only two or if this was a common trend that should be addressed.

    Let me clarify first that has nothing to do with the actually themes Adorno makes and sells, but the customer/technical support they provide. Obviously if I didn't like their themes, I wouldn't be in the situation I'm in now. I don't expect Premium themes to be perfect, but the should be better than the ones being provided for free in the forums and they definitely should have premium support for the people they're taking money from when issues and bugs arise.

    I've used Crackberry for years to help me decide on which BlackBerry to buy and which to avoid, tips and resolutions for issues I'm having with my BlackBerry, offical and leaked OS, and so on. I figured if others have had the same problems I have and can comment, maybe I can help someone else avoid the same problems I'm going through now.
    01-21-11 07:31 AM
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    I guess it's just me...
    01-22-11 09:21 AM
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    Thanks for the heads up about the problems you are having with their Technical Support. That is the worst!

    After dealing with all of the crap I have to with AT&T for the past three months - I want to get away from them.

    I do not like the theme that comes with all of the new Blackberry's because there are too many moving parts. I wanted to buy a
    theme that would allow me to LOCK ON THE SCREEN the icons that I use most = which are five - instead of having to scroll thru
    all of the icons that I do not use.

    I have used Blackberry's for 10+ years and like them but when they added all these new functions it made it their GUI LESS USER FRIENDLY!

    They state in the Blackberry App Store to contact their tech support before putting a negative comment BUT how do you contact their tech support
    because I have a lot of questions for them. I could not find a tele # yet. I have always used the theme that came with the phone but now since I cannot stand their new DEFAULT CRAPPY THEME - I don't know what to do. I am not really into FORUMS because I alwys lose track of where my question went - and I have not really had good luck with them.

    I want a theme that is easy to read & disabled friendly [theme text should be adustable or at least 10 pt type] - I don't reallyneed a SMART PHONE but I need the keyboard as I am not as dexterous as I used to be - I cannot use a "virtual keyboard". I don't use email - probably won't surf the net unless I need a phone # - I use it for making calls, texting, taking photos & keeping my calendar alarms.

    If anyone who either is mobility impaired, or disabled, could please respond to my posting with your recommendation for a Blackberry model [no touch screens -can't use] - I would really appreciate it. Please email me if you can - rather than responding to this post bc I know I won't be able to find it again.

    BTW - The only reason I am even thinking of buying a phone is because AT&T allowed my cellular identity to be stolen & it corrupted my Blackberry! Three months later and about 40 + hours of phone time & I am DONE with AT&T!


    My email is serenityadara@yahoo.com
    01-25-13 06:50 PM