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    Berry Good Themes - HOME is starting up a page for free blackberry themes and we are looking for people to contribute to this page.

    If you make themes and currently give them away for free on crackberry or other forums then would you like to offer them for free on our site as well???

    what do you get out of it??

    - we will give you 1 of our themes for FREE for EACH of your themes that you add to our site

    - if you have a website or blog we will add a link to it next to your themes to help drive your traffic

    - Give you the option to start selling your themes on our site - you get 60% of the final sale price for each theme you sell

    - we can host the themes for OTA downloads if you do not have this option

    - Help increase your theme building profile across the community

    if you are interested then please either reply to this forum post or email me at


    we are looking for themes for ALL DEVICES running on ALL OPERATING SYSTEMS.

    if you have a theme currently posted on here with a OTA link then we can simply add your theme images and redirect the OTA link and add any of your promo information and post it straight away

    11-29-09 08:19 AM