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    Hi all,
    I tried posting this in the 8900 theme forum but haven't had a reply.
    I thought I would pop it in here to see if someone with a different model would be willing to help out.

    I keep saying that I am going to learn composer and do this myself, but I just never get round to it.
    As such, I thought I would ask if anyone is able to do it for me and make some cash at the same time.
    I would be happy to pay up to $15 for this and I wouldn't expect "exclusive" access to this so would be more than happy if you went on to sell it to others of give it away.

    So, what I'm after:
    I would really like a slick theme that shows off the wallpaper, something like the ClearView or Pure.Systeme2 themes.
    I only want 3 tabs along the bottom of the screen, Messages (combined message inbox), Calendar and call log.
    All 3 tabs must be linked to a hidden today area above that uses most of the screen to show items.
    I would like at least 10 items to be shown in the hidden today.

    I would also like a bar at the top to show the date, time, battery, signal etc...
    I would like the signal meter to be clickable and bring up the manage connections screen, and the clock to be clickable and bring up the clock.

    I would also like the profile selection icon to be on the home screen and would like it to change when I change the active profile.

    To be honest, clearview is the perfect theme but it doesn't have a hidden today area.
    I know this is a lot to ask but would be over the moon if someone could help out.

    Cheers for looking.
    11-26-09 05:06 AM
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    Such a complicated request..! :S

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    11-26-09 05:40 AM
  3. Slvrbck's Avatar
    It is.....
    And I know it will be a task and a half for anyone that does it, but I think it would make for a popular premium theme.

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    11-26-09 05:48 AM