1. Father Fil's Avatar
    Does anyone know if the 8800 series themes will work on the 8820?

    Using the blackberries own theme browser indicates there are none for the device but is it just being too paticular? There are some great themes out there and I have to say the default theme on the device just isn't doing it for me.
    09-14-07 10:36 AM
  2. karu's Avatar
    i have made themes for the 8300, but someone told me he downloaded it for his 8830 and it works like a charm, so i'm sure there are themes out there that are compatabile. i'm still newbie to this kind of thing so can't guarantee ya(since you're the 8820)
    09-14-07 11:05 AM
  3. steveninstl's Avatar
    yes themes for the 8800 will work on the 8820.
    09-14-07 11:39 PM
  4. Father Fil's Avatar
    Confirmed. I've got a theme designed for the 8800 running on the 8820.

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    09-18-07 07:02 AM
  5. Bob Keen's Avatar
    I've never downloaded a theme for my 8820. I don't need anything fancy but would like something easy to read. My vision is great, but up close I need read reading glasses sometimes. I high contract theme with large icons would be great, maybe even black and white. It would just be nice to have a home screen that was easier to read. Any suggestions?
    04-06-09 03:14 PM