1. AClayeJ's Avatar
    I didn't find this theme posted anywhere on here, so I thought I would post it here for anyone that wants it. I didn't make it, it comes as a sample in Plazmic 4.6 for the 81XX series. It's actually a pretty neat theme. It shows a small "Hometown" on the Home screen with animated cars, planes, and other things. The homescreen icons are the buildings. The buildings will highlight yellow when you scroll over them as well as display the name of the icon itself.

    Here's a few pics here:

    Download here: No OTA.
    11-06-08 10:12 AM
  2. not4no1's Avatar
    FUN THEME!! I like the animations.
    Too bad I can't change what the buildings open.
    I will use it for a few days & see if it sticks.
    If you ever revise this theme, one suggestion would be to have the email building change color when one arives.
    Very nice theme - Thanx
    11-06-08 10:50 AM