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    Blackberry Theme Lab has not been around for very long but we have a great group of people who decide to visit our site and join our forums. Blackberry Theme Labs goal was to make this the number one site for everything you need when you design your Blackberry theme. As we continue to grow we want to make sure we say thank you to everyone who joins our site and shares our icons in their themes. This giveaway is geared to everyone who always wanted one of our themes but didnt really want to pay for it. Please read the rules below, and to enter into this giveaway, leave a comment in our forums (link below).

    5,000 members theme giveaway!! | Blackberry Theme Lab
    10-08-10 08:38 PM
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    the link isn't working
    10-10-10 12:47 PM
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    the link isn't working
    Yeah it is....
    10-10-10 12:50 PM
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    haha this is perfect! I posted a thread a day ago about wanting a theme for my 9700 which is basically the default theme with the calendar on the wallpaper, and be hold the first developer I click (bbthemelab MattG) has one in the top of his list! I'll definitely enter now!
    10-11-10 11:18 PM