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    Can someone send me a l;ink or file for the 6.1 icons and 3g signal meter for os 6.0

    i wanna make a theme for my ( and anyone else ) sprint 9650 that shows 3g instead of 1xev its annoying ,

    Thanks : )
    04-11-11 03:14 PM
  2. WilliamRupp's Avatar
    04-12-11 09:46 PM
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    This refers to posting with the deliberate intention to either pad your post count or to keep a thread 'hot' so it appears at the top of the forum. Bumping can sometimes be useful, but you must wait three days from the original post to bump the thread. Only one bump is allowed per thread per user. CrackBerry.com's moderator’s reserve the right to delete useless “bumps” at their discretion.
    RIM has asked for 6.1 icons to be removed, so it might be a problem for you anyway. Should have thought about this a couple days ago...

    You could try Let me google that for you
    04-12-11 10:13 PM
  4. WilliamRupp's Avatar
    What about 3G icons.
    04-12-11 10:15 PM