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    Holy Sh*t guys! Did you ever want to be a Graphic Designer? Well for $1100 you can... wait -
    what??? Right now there is a 96% discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For only $39 you can learn everything you need to know to become a Graphic Designer!!!

    That's right, laught in the face of your friends who paid 1000's of dollars to to take a course on Graphic Design. Imagine the look on their face when you tell them that you learned everything there is about Graphic Design for only 39 bones.

    I know you are probably wondering how I get access to such amazing deals, right? I must have access to a special forum where only Graphic Artists vist? Nope, actually I just visited the front page of Crackberry.com, and they had a whole article dedicated to this deal. Of course it just makes sense, if you like Blackberry, they surely you must have a desire to become a Graphic Artist., and... well [HAWT] Holy Sh*t! Learn _everything_ you need to know to be a Graphic Designer for !-graphic_designer.png

    I know what you are thinking: "come on 96% discount, that can't be right." You may be thinking that it is a little insulting that the publisher of this article believes you stupid enought to think that everyone else pays the full $1100 to get this knowledge dropped on them, but because you come to Crackberry, you get a 96% discount. But that is not the case, it is just your lucky day.

    You may also feel that it is condescending to have the author try to disguise an advertisement as a article. But just think about it: if a 96% discount isn't newsworthy, then I don't know WTF is! Don't believe me? Read the article: https://crackberry.com/learn-everyth...aphic-designer

    Well, now that you know that Crackberry is bringing you articles on super-duper-non-scammy deals, what sort of articles should you expect next? Well, don't be surprised to see such headlines as "10 Celebs who ate Jello, You WON'T believe what they look like now!", and "Kim Kardashian gets organ transplant from a Chimpanzee, 13 shocking photos!".

    Anyway, if you take advantage of this deal, and start a new job as a Graphic Designer next week, let us know. Me, I am just waiting until they offer the Veterinarian course, but that would probably be like $49, not $39.
    06-13-17 12:08 PM

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