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    AUKEY CB-D17 Micro USB 6-Pack Cables - .99-714yiumcjhl._sl1500_.jpg

    • Six micro USB cables in multiple lengths – Includes one 9.9ft, one 6.6ft, two 3.3ft and two 1ft cables
    • Charge and sync micro USB devices like Android phones or Bluetooth speakers
    • Transfer files, photos, and videos at speeds up to 480Mbps
    • Compatible with Android devices and a wide range of USB chargeable consumer electronics
    • Package Contents: AUKEY CB-D17 One 9.9ft Micro USB Cable, One 6.6ft Micro USB Cable, Two 3.3ft Micro USB Cables, Two 1ft Micro USB Cables, 24 Month Warranty Card

    Available on Amazon - $9.99
    Expires 12/6
    12-02-16 09:22 AM
  2. CDN_Brat's Avatar
    Hi Bla1ze,
    I took the plunge with the Dtek 60. I wasn't sure about going to Android but it's been less painful than anticipated. Well from all my other Blackberries I have loads of micro USB cables but am now in need of some "extra" usb-c cables. In looking up the usb-c cables there seems to be plenty of warnings about having the proper cables with 56k resistance so you don't burn out your devices. (Even some comments indicating a major retail site as going to start reviewing usb-c products for safety) Could you weigh in on this with some of your expertise... I'd hate to spoil my wonderful new phone because I bought some crappy cable for $9.99 or $19.99 that wasn't built with device safety in mind.
    02-19-17 11:20 PM

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