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    Am I missing something? What is BES and/or BIS?

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    03-08-11 11:11 PM
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    BIS Features -

    1. Ability to add up to 10 existing email accounts
    Personal - POP3/IMAP4
    Business – MS Outlook and Lotus Notes
    2. Self-Provisioning via the Handheld or Desktop
    3. Attachment Viewing Capabilities
    4. Personalized Settings
    5. Wireless Reconciliation
    6. Mailbox Management
    7. Optional email account (i.e. user@carrier.blackberry.com)
    8. BlackBerry Internet Service checks the email accounts regularly for new messages, retrieves and sends copies of the new messages to the handheld

    BES -

    It integrates your corporate mail which is more secured and provide over the air management for BES Admin. You need hardware (BES Server) and software (Server Software) for having BES access.
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    03-08-11 11:13 PM
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    ^ Answer.
    Definitely technical there

    BIS is "BlackBerry Internet Service(or Server, not sure)", it is what you likely use unless you have a company phone, it goes through the BlackBerry servers directly to the internet.

    BES is "BlackBerry Enterprise Service(or Server, not sure)", it is what companies use. They buy space from RiM or BlackBerry and get set up with their own BlackBerry servers that they can use to connect their devices to the internet. That way they can keep track of everything that goes in and out, as well as push applications to every device in the company.
    03-10-11 12:51 PM
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    Both replies are correct. I'd like to add that basically with BES you are on the company's intranet through the BES. It is functionally much more real time, not only as far as email is concerned but also with the calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes. (It may depend on the corporation as far as what is supported. I've only worked one place that had BES and we had it all.) Where I now work, I have the option of BES for $10 a month through Rackspace who provides our cloud server. I'll suffer through synching my calendar a couple times a day at that rate!

    Here's a crackberry 101 article about the differences http://crackberry.com/blackberry-101...ats-difference

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