1. dkalina87's Avatar
    Has anyone noticed any difference in battery life in charging with the usb plugged into the computer vs plugged into an outlet? I've always heard that the usb charging is slower and "trickles" power in, which is somehow better. Any thoughts?
    04-29-11 10:22 AM
  2. Ferretling's Avatar
    I know that it takes longer for my phone to charge via USB, but I've never heard anything about it being "better".
    04-29-11 02:08 PM
  3. Phog's Avatar
    I've done it both ways and haven't noticed any significant difference in battery life.
    05-02-11 12:09 PM
  4. ralcyon's Avatar
    My desktop USB port supplies up to 500mA per port while the RIM-supplied wall charger is rated at 750mA. There is no question that the wall unit charges the BB faster.

    I haven't done any experiments on this, but it seems to me that my battery lasts longer after being plugged into the wall rather than my PC.
    05-04-11 05:10 PM
  5. jeffh's Avatar
    There's no benefit to charging by USB port. It just takes longer. Some newer devices may try to draw more power than the 500mA that's the USB spec and not charge at all. It's better, more reliable, and often faster to use a wall charger when one is available.
    05-04-11 08:03 PM
  6. djdonnyk's Avatar
    Wall charger is the best way by far....
    05-10-11 03:48 PM