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    The Pearl was the devil to type in what with it's telephone-oriented set of keys. The Style is much better but there are a couple of small annoyances. Is there any way to toggle on numbers for a time and then to toggle back to regular typing?

    i.e., if I'm entering numbers, as I do when I'm strictly texting for bus GPS locations and all we're typing is numbers, it would be nice not to have to hit the alt key before each number. What would be preferable is to toggle on number entry and just keep punching in numbers until I'm ready to do regular texting in the evening to family and/or friends.

    How do we do this pls in the Style?
    02-29-12 08:48 PM
  2. Gortoth666's Avatar
    Berry's can be coaxed in using numbers for a prolonged time by using the shift key together with the alt key.
    Afterwards using the shift or alt key will toggle back to text again.
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    02-29-12 09:07 PM
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    More specifically, press alt then shift (on the left). You will then see a number lock icon. Pressing either button again releases it.
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    03-11-12 01:23 PM
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    Wow, that's a handy tip -- thank you!
    03-18-12 09:44 PM