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    My husband and I had 9670s on the Sprint network. We eventually upgraded our devices some time ago, but a few days ago, my husband's phone bit the dust. We pulled out our old 9670s to switch him back, because he was leaving to go out of town and didn't have time to get a store. He left with the 9670 in hand and I logged on to Sprint to reassign the old 9670 to his phone number.

    Sprint did their part, but the phone, after doing a Wipe and restoring to factory settings, is still showing my son's phone number, who used it for a while before getting another phone. I called Sprint to ask them to walk me through the menu options for resending the service packets and manually reprogramming the number, which I clearly remember can be done. I had to do it once before.

    Sprint said they were emailing me the instructions. They did. For logging on to their website and swapping devices. Thanks Sprint - so helpful.

    I called again. This time they told me because the phone was outdated and no longer for sale, their tech support dept no longer had the literature for doing this advanced reprogramming. Advanced? I'm not asking to go in and unlock the device for all networks or reprogram the base internal software - I just want to manually enter the numbers to reassign the phone so it works for the current assigned line.

    Blackberry RIM site no longer has support info for the device either. My old 9670 will not take a charge, needs a new battery, or I would just charge it up, and navigate the menus till I found it, then walk my husband through it.

    Can anyone tell me the menu steps necessary to force the phone to reassign to his phone number and access the Sprint network?

    08-16-14 10:33 AM
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    Just updating, because I found it online of all places on the support section of the Sprint website who formerly told me that it was no longer available through them. Posting the links below to the data resend and manual configuration of the 9670, just in case anyone else may need it.

    To Manually reprogram the phone:
    You DO need the confirmation number from the Sprint network when they have activated the device on their end. If you do this online - which I did, they email this to you. Otherwise you have to call customer service to get it.
    Manually program your device - BlackBerry® Style™ 9670 smartphone

    Then to Update the User Data (updatinging PRL and Profile)
    Update data profile - BlackBerry® Style™ 9670 smartphone
    08-16-14 10:45 AM

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