1. frisco49ers's Avatar
    My brother's style won't turn on. It has the loading screen on and the progress bar across the bottom but freezes when it gets to the end and won't boot up. I tried battery pulls, using the loader with no avail. DM connects to the phone but won't load anything because it isn't turned on yet. I am stumped. Is there anything new I can try?
    05-30-12 05:53 AM
  2. lcchick's Avatar
    My old Tour did this too, i even tried a hard reboot and nothing. Luckily, I had insurance so they just replaced it. No luck on getting the contacts and stuff out. Good luck!!
    05-30-12 08:51 PM
  3. Digital Daves's Avatar
    Blackberry Master Control Program or BSSK(Blackberry Switchblade) both helped me when I had the same problem. I do not remember the exact steps but I read the programs after I got instructions from these forums. I do know you have to keep your BB connected to your computer and eventually the BB will be read, then you can restore your BB to factory settings.

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    06-13-12 08:32 PM