02-09-13 11:37 PM
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    No, I feel pretty much the same way. I have 28 apps installed. I don't use all of them all of the time, even. So... how many apps can someone actually need?
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    08-03-11 09:33 AM
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    I held a Palm pre' product in my hand for 3 weeks and after daily multiple restarts and crashes, dropped calls, etc about threw it out the window. My BB style definately has its shortcomings and i relate to some of the comments made here such as the continued scrolling to favorites and such but this phone has served me well and development is continuing to impress with new updates of software. It is appearent that the phone market itself is to blame for early releases of phones that are NOT ready. I think the Style was definately one of those when I had to dummy down all of the software apps with it release and new operating system coming from the BB Tour. I look forward to the fall offering and my new BB IQNX.
    08-03-11 05:58 PM
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    Honestly, this thread was the most immature and funny one yet. I've been a BB user years from the old 800 models to the Style 9670 and newer. I also repair and program them. I admit the OS these shipped with was old and clunky. No flash player, yes. Any BB user knows to upgrade to the newest OS (now OS6) and you can easily remedy the speed, flash and small quirks with a good browser install and emptying out the stock programs (bloatware) that ship with the Style, add a 32GB memory card and your good to go. Your whining about the "permissions if private data" are also easily avoided if you know how to program the Style, or any Blackberry. No phone, especially our BB's can read your mind and instantly do "everything" 100% without a user working with the device correctly. It's our job to tailor it to suit our needs and in my 16 years of Blackberry usage every bump in the road with these workhorse handsets has always been ironed out. Clearly you aren't giving it a chance and expect a "Superphone" just because it's labeled a Blackberry and you yourself are the one wanting a "TOY."
    Man, grow up and take the time (more than 1 week!) To learn to use this phone correctly! I Had you given this phone (mines running blazing fast with OS6 and not one but 3 browsers and open source office) the chance it deserves you'd be pleasantly surprised. The BB Style is one of the more versatile Blackberry's less known with the wonderful clam shell housing that keeps it safe anywhere when closed! The biggest plus this year, 2013 is you can now use the 9670 on Boost Mobile's 60$ a month Shrinkage plan Unlimited Everything! Or in my case, I started using my BB when their BB plan was just 50$ a month so I'm even happier.
    02-09-13 11:37 PM
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