1. bichoudandy's Avatar
    Dear Friends,

    please your advice, i bought a purple BB STyle 9670 1 month ago and all is find,,,,but recently i feel something strange,,,the screen always crush and blurr,,,,so i have to move the trackpad and it normal again and happen again and again. is it comes from the hardware or software? before i have old Sprint but now i have upgrade with the new one 9670AMEA_PBr6.0.0_rel3049_PL4.4.0.560_A6.0.0.706_S print_L.P but still happen again.
    its little bit bothering me,,,,,,,i found the problem appear after i open/close the BB,,,if i let it open it is much better,,

    what should i do?
    06-03-12 09:56 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Sounds like it could be hardware. Have you used it without installing any apps? Can you get a replacement since it is only 1 month old?
    06-03-12 10:53 AM