1. dudleybb's Avatar
    Hey guys, new here to crackberry. Just got my Style on Boost Mobile about a month and a half ago and I absolutely love it! Phone works great, screen is a nice size and camera is great.

    However, I happen to lose that lil Boost Mobile logo piece that goes right underneath the space bar and rite above the speakerphone, as you can see in the pic below where it is located. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement part for this with the boost logo on it? It was real loose and fell out a couple times before; and I thought to crazy glue it in, but just never did it smh. Now its just nothing there but there metal part below it showing and doesn't look to good. I've checked a couple sites but wasn't able to find this specific part. If anyone can help, it'll be greatly appreciated...thanks.

    10-21-11 07:50 PM