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    So I'm faced with a rather annoying problem with my Blackberry Style 9670. Please bear with me, I tend to get into details so as not to confuse some.

    There are 3 sound profiles that cannot be deleted, one of them is NORMAL.
    I've set this profile as a work profile, so any calls or texts I get are notified by vibration ONLY. And it works, of course.

    I've created a custom sound profile, titled it CUSTOM (yes, I know, how original indeed). When setting up the sounds for TEXT MESSAGE, i used a tune from the precluded list, and set the vibration and such.

    Now, still in the SOUND PROFILE, I opened up SOUNDS FOR CONTACTS, and I added a friend's contact, and I customized his TEXT MESSAGE TONE with my own voice (which I recorded and stored in the phone), along with the vibration etc etc.

    Saved it, set my profile to CUSTOM as the active one, had that friend text me, and instead of the custom voice tone, I get the default tone that was set in the NORMAL profile.

    Simple question: what am I doing wrong? Why, when my friend texts me, does it not ring with the custom voice tone? Could someone PLEASE guide me step by step how can I override the default settings with my own tones?

    Any help (unless it's vague) is deeply appreciated

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    You don't happen to have that contact saved twice in your phone contact list, do you?
    Another thing I'd try (and I have a lot of contacts with their own ringtones but I dont use a custom profile) is to set that person's text tone to a different blackberry tone and see if it works. It might just not like the specific audio file you've created.
    I think that I always set my custom tones from the contacts page itself, not from the profile. Go to contacts, then choose the person. Then menu button and edit. Scroll down and put their custom tone in there. But again, i don't use a custom profile. Good luck!
    03-10-12 09:15 AM