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    Ok, I know this is not a life threatening problem, but can someone tell me how to move photos from Picture Library to the media card on my Style? I'd really like to free up space on my phone.

    11-11-14 12:20 PM
  2. MrDoreth's Avatar
    Use a PC. Hook your phone up to the PC and wait till it gives you a path SD= Y: and Flash Z:
    Now go to my computer> Z:> Camera

    press Control and X

    Now go to Y:> camera
    and put them in there. You will be still able to see the pictures in de Picture app on your Playbook.

    Normally this would work. (BB10) I think that the differnce between BB10 and the OS the Playbook runs on are minimal with sharing these stuff
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    11-16-14 09:18 AM

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