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    m on my 30 day trail with Sprint. I loved the BB Style when I1st laid eyes on it but now the small butoons r getting on my nerves. My hubby got the Epic n I lile it cause of the games u can download but other than that not really So can someone plz tell me what would be the best option for me. I'm a huge Facebooker Myspacer not that big on MessangerN txt pics n videos. Plz. I'm running out of time!

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    05-04-11 10:25 PM
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    I'd say get the bold out of the blackberries or if u need a keyboard and want to play games get the shift. I like HTC better for android they have mire updates and rhw shift is faster than the evolution and has a more portable design with a nice keyboard.

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    05-04-11 10:36 PM
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    Hey there! Honestly, I love the BB Style, Im in my early 20s and a college student, and everyone absolutely loves my phone. its sleek and fits well into my pockets. the buttons are perfect for me, the screen size is awesome, the resolution is amazing and it takes awesome pictures. I have quite a few games that are fun to play. This is one of the best phones made by RIM in my opinion, its right there with the 9780. So my suggestion, take the BB style, the flip is awesome, no accidental dialing either, the outside screen is awesome for previewing messages. Too many people have the other BB phones so get something different, i recommend the style with no doubt! Facebook is in beta for OS 6.0 so i have chat on my facebook, i love it, the new facebook is great. ive had the phone for 3 months now, and i fell in love with it before i even bought it. trust me, its amazingg!! hope this helps!!
    05-04-11 10:39 PM
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    By the way, the Bold has a smaller keyboard than the Style does. They're the same width, but the Style's keyboard is taller by several millimeters. The keys on Style are less scalloped than the Bold's, though.

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    05-04-11 11:57 PM