1. sandies2's Avatar
    yesterday my calendar became very slow and unresponsive. sometimes it won't let me do anything, sometimes I try to enter an event and it freezes. i shut my phone and come back in about 4 minutes - it is unfrozen. But the same thing happens again. what can cause this? i don't want a hard reset because i am afraid of losing my apps. Thanks for your help.
    01-24-11 04:47 PM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Sounds like a lot of crap in the calender. I had issues with wireless sync and such. Created like 5000 whacked out entries in my cal. Had to clear the data base, delete the entries from Outlook and resync. No problem for me because I know what I was looking for, but for some it can be a major pain.

    Good luck...
    01-24-11 08:17 PM