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    so ive only had my smartphone for 5 months now.. and everything was going smoothe and im usually very delicate with electronic devices because i know how fragile they can be .. anyway .. so i tried to charge mine lastnight but it doesnt work .. instead when i stick the charger in my whole phone shuts off instead of NOT charging ..it just shuts off and i cant cut it back on unless i take the battery out and put it in multiple times. and i need my phone so if i cant get a replacement from sprint which i argued for a good 30 mins to them about im not about to pay to ship my phone off to RIM and pay again for it to return back ..and if they cant fix it, they return it back and you have to pay AGAIN.. what the fig newtons? somebody please HELP..why does my phone keep cutting off, its so annoying
    03-31-11 02:39 PM
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    Have you tried going into a Sprint repair store and asking them to check the phone and the charger? It might be something simple, like a faulty charger or battery.
    03-31-11 02:59 PM
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    I would definitely take that device with the charger into a Sprint store & show them what it's doing. They may just swap you to a new device right then and there.
    03-31-11 03:17 PM
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    Yup! Same thing happened to me! After 5 months with the phone, it just decides to stop charging. Sometimes it would get really hot and not charge at all. Anyway I brought it into a Sprint store because I'm still in the 1 year warranty, but they took my battery out and said I had water damage! Never have I ever dropped my phone in water or around water. I got into a big fight with Sprint when they told me they wouldn't replace my phone because my warranty had been voided. I think the water damage icon near the battery is full of and a scam. They asked me if I had been near steam because that can set it off also. Are you f---in kiddin me? And even if I did have water damage, it had nothing to do with the crapberry charger just failing to work. This is my 4th blackberry phone that I had to throw out because the charging port turns to sh*t. Does anyone know if I purchase the charging cradle if it will still charge my phone? And anyone know any models that support the style? Besides blackberry's cheaply made parts for the phone, the phone was awesome. Great camera to add!
    01-10-12 05:04 PM
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    I just got the charging pod and new cables cause I was starting to have trouble with my cable. You drop the phone in and it charges through the metal contacts on the sides which is more convenient and doesn't beat up the port so you can connect to a computer without a problem. RIM should have included the stupid thing with the phone in the first place.

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    01-15-12 10:34 PM
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    Double post
    01-16-12 05:33 AM
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    This BB is the absolute WORST phone I have EVER had in my life. I've had it since Sept of 2011 and within the first month I noticed that my car charger wasn't charging properly, and it would literally fall out of the port. So I brought it in and complained that I didn't spend $35 on a stupid car charger to have it NOT work. The rep gave me a free car charger because they were too busy to have a tech look at my phone. Fine, so it worked a LITTLE better, but within a few weeks I noticed that the light would go off if I didn't have the phone positioned in a certain way that would allow the light to stay on.

    I came into the Sprint store two other times over the next four months and complained that my battery never kept a charge longer than 8 hours, and that my charger often would not charge the phone, but every time I came in I was told that they couldn't help the short battery life. I've been forced to hold the phone in my hand while driving 30 minutes to work each day because if I don't hold it with the charger in the port at a certain angle, the light won't go on (which signals that it's being charged).

    So I brought it in for a FOURTH time and said, "Now I can't even get the light to come on, and the Sprint person plugged it in and of course, the light DID go on, and he said, "It doesn't look like there's a problem to me." So I said, "Lay the phone down on the desk," and as soon as he did the light went off. So he let's the technician open it up, and she tells me, "Well, you were right. The soldering is completely gone, but we don't solder here, but because you spend the $8.50/month for our insurance program, all you have to do is call 800 584-3666 and they'll fed ex a replacement phone to you overnight."

    So I called, only to learn that they wanted a $100 "restocking" fee and they were going to send me a "refurbished" phone. Over the past week I have spoken to 13 individuals from Sprint and 3 from RIM with NO satisfactory response. I have spent over 10 hours explaining the BS I have experienced to all of these individuals, only to have 10 out of 13 Sprint employees tell me, "I'm sorry, but our POLICY states that a charging port that is no longer connected to the board is considered to be "physical damage" that is NOT covered by the warranty NOR the insurance, and because the technician stated that your phone's issue was caused by "physical damage," there is nothing we can do to over-ride the technician's observation.

    But here's my issue... ... the phone DID charge when I brought it in! The rep at the front door saw the light go on. And I had used the phone the day before and although charging it was a pain in the , I COULD charge it. But AFTER the tech took my phone apart, any slight connection that I DID have was completely disconnected because I can no longer get the light to turn on no matter WHAT position I place the phone in when attempting to charge the phone.

    I actually had a phone customer support person tell me to go to a DIFFERENT Sprint store and ask that THEIR technician over-ride the OTHER technician's observation that the female charging port was NOT to be considered as "physical damage" caused by the consumer. I didn't break the stupid port, and I am now convinced that I BOUGHT this phone with a faulty port that was never soldered properly to begin with, because I've NEVER been able to sync correctly with my computer, because the port was always only partially connected to the USB cord. I am SO tired of hearing POLICY from Sprint, as well as RIM, as BOTH companies (throught their customer service reps) stated that the PORT is NOT covered under the warranty NOR the insurance plan I have for a FREE replacement. But I took their advise and WENT to another store 30 miles away, only to be told that if the tech said that it was physical damage, there was nothing they could do. How could I have POSSIBLY damaged the INSIDE of the phone?!! I could I have caused the Soldering to dislodge? NO ONE will just acknowledge what I've already read when googling, which is that this phone is NOTORIOUS for having the charging port breaking, and Sprint's first line is to try to hood-wink the customer into paying for RIM's HORRIBLE design and manufacturing process of this port.

    This phone is SLOW and I never even bother trying to surf the web with it because it locks up, but my biggest issue is how Sprint and RIM BOTH acknowledge that this port becoming dislodged from the the board is a major issue, yet NEITHER are willing to do RIGHT by me and replace the phone at no charge. I am NOT going to accept paying $100 for a phone that isn't even WORTH $100, especially when this phone has ALWAYS had this problem since I BOUGHT it, and NO ONE at Sprint took my concerns seriously UNTIL I finally insisted that a technician look at my phone.

    The SECOND rep from RIM said that this issue WAS covered by their warranty, but the THIRD person said that it wasn't. So I plan on sending this phone to a VP of Sprint and tell them of the HORRIBLE customer service I have experienced, and then asking them how THEY would feel if THEY purchased a phone that they had to take such incredible measures just to charge their phone, only to be told by some arrogant branch manager that as much as they would LIKE to replace my phone at no charge, their 'Policy" stated that they couldn't.

    I was so upset with one employee who wanted to leave early (even though it was 7:40 and they didn't close until 8:00) that I said, "I've been a Sprint customer since 2005 and pay $139/month and you are treating me like some low-life who broke my own phone, when my phone actually COULD BE CHARGED until your TECH ripped it apart, so if you can't rectify my situation, I'm going to cancel my contract with you right now. This arrogant said, "We're trying to get ready to close the store, and I can't cancel your account right now on the computer, but feel free to use any one of the phones on the wall to cancel your service with us, but it will cost you $200." My first thought was, "What an unbelievable A-hole!" and I called Sprint and attempted to cancel, only to have some rookie customer support rep talk me out of cancelling, assuring me that he'd be able to get my phone replaced at no charge.

    Well, it never happened, and I am STILL without a phone, and I don't have time to explain just HOW bad the customer service has been from both Sprint AND RIM. All I want is my phone fixed, and I even purchased a charger today for $15 that will charge my phone in a cradle rather than through the USB, but couldn't understand why it took 13 Sprint people before ONE told me that there was a $15 solution that would work better than the $100 solution. Sprint and Blackberry are BOTH negligent in that they neither acknowledged NOR accepted responsibility for this FAULTY charging port that is WELL documented for its issues on becoming loose and broken.

    I have had it with Sprint's arrogance and if SOMEONE doesn't rectify this situation to my satisfaction, I will call Sprint's customer support and complain to ANOTHER 13 techs and take up ANOTHER 10 hours (or 100 hours if that is what it takes) to ENSURE that their $7.50/hour employees are tied up on the phones until I get the satisfaction that any NORMAL consumer would expect from a service provider. I am about to contact their legal department to inform them that I wish to have an arbitrator decide this case, because that will cost them a MINIMUM of $500 just to debate the topic.

    Sprint thinks that they can force the customer to pay for SPRINT's product failures, but are about to learn that it will cost FAR more trying to defend thier "policies" than it WOULD have cost them to simply just acknowledge that an exception should have been made and my phone should have been replaced at no charge.
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    02-05-12 01:26 AM
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    i have 2 style phones both with the soldering problem and got the same response
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    02-16-12 05:00 PM
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    I have the bb style and one night all of the sudden i went to plug my phone in and when i put the charger in the port the phone shut completly down! The only way i could get it to turn back on was by taking the battery completly out and putting it back in! I took it to my local sprint store which is also a repair store and they told me the only thing that they could do for me is re-order a new phone, since it has to do with the charging port itself it cant be fixed! It is so awful because i have to take my battery to the sprint store to charge if i want to use my phone! And of course it has to break on a friday so i wont get it till monday(hopefully)! I feel your pain but im glad im not the only one having this problem!
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    02-25-12 07:57 PM
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    Had my Style for a year and suddenly the charger light wouldn't come on unless I held the phone a certain way. Solder on one side had broken away. Was sad cuz I really liked it but wasn't gonna pay to get it fixed. Moved on to the 9930 Bold but sure miss my pretty purple Style.
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    02-28-12 10:19 PM
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    I went through 3 Styles before I said F-it and got the Bold 9930. Loved the design of it and what it should've done, but as far as reliability and consistency, it was "consistently unreliable"

    It's a real shame, if the Style had performed even as well as the Curve 3G, I would've likely kept it for a long time to come. But sadly, it was one big mess after another. It made me miss my Curve 8350i on slow a$$ Nextel, which was a beast!
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    03-11-12 12:05 PM