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    I am getting a 9670 to replace my nextel i9. I am used to using a belt clip for my phones. I have one from Seidio for my evo and it works great.
    But I can not find one for this phone
    What are my options?
    I'd Prefer it be a name brand
    01-26-11 06:00 PM
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    01-26-11 06:02 PM
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    I actually wrote that review for this case on Amazon... It is the only hard plastic holster option I've found. I've been using it for a week and I've mastered it and can get the phone in and out smoothly with one hand... I can also feel it vibrate on my belt. There are a few leather cases that work as well (I used a Palm Pre case before I got this holster). You really can't go wrong for a few dollars. I've spent a lot of money on Seidio holsters in the past and they break also... You could probably buy 10 of these holsters for the same price as one Seidio so if it breaks, just pull out a new one and toss the broken one I also rigged mine into a sleep mode holster and it works great. I put a few videos on YouTube showing it in action... Just look up cbus wireless 9670 if you're curious. I had an Evo as well and I'm really happy with the Style. Good luck

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    01-26-11 11:14 PM
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    LOL I ended buying the bold
    I just felt it was the better choice for me
    Thanks for your reply
    01-26-11 11:52 PM