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    I purchased a Storm 2 from Vodafone secondhand. I slipped a DiGi SIM card into it and confirmed that it registered and functioned fine before buying. It dialed out a voice call fine. I needed to install Korean language support on it. So I wiped it using BBSAK and installed the latest OS available from Vodafone as I had done on numerous other Blackberry phones. All worked nicely until setting up the phone. It would indicate that the phone was connected to the mobile network during the setup process. However, it kept searching for mobile network signal after exiting setup and eventually showed "No Service" in Automatic network selection mode and manual mode network scan resulted in no available network. WiFi works perfectly but the phone simply can't get network signal.

    1. Checked to see if it was locked to Vodafone by entering "MEPD" in Advanced Options-->SIM Card. Network shows "Inactive" indicating that the phone was already unlocked.

    2. I tried a Maxis SIM with BIS service and same story. Still no network connection and WiFi worked fine.

    3. I tried wiping and installing various versions of OS and still the same condition every time.

    4. Turned network on and off, pulled battery numerous times in the effort to get the phone to work.

    Nothing worked and I am still left with an unusable phone. It did work just fine before I wiped and installed All Language version of OS. It still connects to the Mobile network during the setup process if I do a factory reset. It seems as though I lost some setting, like a servicebook or some other settings during the course of reinstalling the OS.

    Please help if you have any idea to try to fix this unit that I can try. I would be very grateful.
    Thanks in advance.
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    08-15-14 12:07 AM
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    Probably you are right it is a service books issue, also are you sure your current provider as a BIS still and has your account provisioned for a BlackBerry? Many providers have moved away from BlackBerry or have stopped supporting BIS when they moved to BB10. It may be possible to manually copy the correct service books to your device IF you can get this (a big if) with a utility program like BBSAK, or Shrink-an-OS, or CrackUtiil.
    09-11-14 10:04 AM

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