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  1. sonofaresiii's Avatar
    So here's the full backstory:
    Bought the storm 2. After a while, the power button (the top button on the left side) stopped responding properly-- I assume it's a hardware issue because it wouldn't "click" but if I really jammed down on it it would still work... so probably the button just wore down. A little while after that, it stopped working altogether, no matter how hard I jammed it (still no "click.")

    I finally decided to pop the top front plate off (the one that's just stickied on) and the actual button still clicks-- so I put the faceplate back on and now the button clicks, but doesn't actually do anything unless (once again) I jam down on it really, really hard.

    Almost definitely a hardware issue. Should I take apart the phone further and see if there's anything I can do? Or do I just need a replacement part, and if so, what? The phone is out of warranty so I can't just take it back-- but I don't have an upgrade anytime soon so I'd like to get it fixed and usable again.

    Alex Payne

    edit: I've seen a few other people having this problem, but their solution has always been "I took it in and they fixed it," which I can't do.
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  2. jwsnj3rd's Avatar
    that sucks. do you have the insurance if you arent up for an upgrade for a while might be better to take it in and get it fixed but it well cost you about 99 bucks. my wifes end call button stopped working but it was still under warranty they just swapped it out for a new storm2. dont know of anyplace where you can get parts, good luck
    04-02-11 12:42 AM
  3. beebeeman's Avatar
    maybe get new housing if you think it's the problem, they sell just tops or complete ones.
    04-08-11 12:57 PM
  4. bambuco's Avatar
    I have a problem with both the power and mute buttons. I chose not to try to dissamble on my own, did lots of fixing on my curve 8330's but didn't want to work on my s2 fearing it'd be more complex and I riun more than what was wrong. I'm choosing to not get a replacement via insurance deductible. I figured I save the $100 and put it towards the s3 / Monaco (I think?) or the bold touch. The buttons work, but most times I have to press them many times for action to occur, annoying but manageable.

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    04-10-11 11:49 PM
  5. joe_fresh's Avatar
    A fix for the power button is easy. hit the bb button find the red power icon phone shuts down. locking idk if there is a way to set it to one of the side keys or not
    04-11-11 06:05 AM
  6. cobym's Avatar
    If you do not want to change the switch you can try this repair:
    1) open back cover of the phone.
    2) remove the battery.
    3) locate the Power\Mute switch. Should be on the top right side if looking from the back.
    4) Spray the power switch (from the in side) with a very little bit of "Contact Cleaner & Degreaser" Spray. After spraying press on the power button some times. Blow air on the liquid and let it dry.
    5) Connect the battery and try the switch. Might need to repeat if problem return.
    09-01-15 12:13 PM