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    Hi there
    massive problem that i have almost finished eliminating solutions and registered here especially to consult with you. i recently replaced bb storm2 lcd screen and the Mid Frame Chassis Flex PCB Board. i encountered the "insert sim card" and SOS only mode. i must add that the phones wi fi antenna works fine and that several sim cards from different gsm companies didn't work.i bought the BB 9550 last year and it was unlocked and jail broken so before the lcd and the replacements i did it worked. i used the cervices of CELLCOM which is an isralli cellular company.
    i tried the technical things like tightened the screws, inserting thin layer into the sim slot, security wipe out, battery pull outs, i had massive data and ideas collecting via the web and different forums, my supplier tech man didn't know .
    it basically narrows down-to my opinion- to 2 options:
    1. i had replaced an important part together with the old Mid Frame Chassis Flex PCB Board. and therefor although it says -when i enter the mep menu- "network inactive", a massage that indicates (not 100%) unlocked phone, it might have been locked up again.in that case why cant i access a mep2 code the menu just remains as is (fear of permanent lock when no reason for it)
    2. something in the phone's tcp/ip or whatever preferences wont allow it to be recognized.
    the courier or supplier tech guy says that it should work fine unless the phone is not there's but my iPhone is too and the sim works great. it is really a major pain in the....so HELP WILL BE appreciated. thx and have great day
    10-27-12 04:36 PM

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